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About Responsible Owner

Me and my partner shared the same problem as thousands of dog owners/walkers: there are hardly any bins around for the dogs mess! This meant we had to parade around with bags of poo, which we found really inconvenient. As dog owners, we also found treats and poo mess bags in all our pockets. 

We started doing research on this and found that there was hardly anything out there for all our dog walking needs. There are treat bags and poo carriers, but nothing that combines both the space and the separate dog mess compartment. After a lot of blood, sweat and tears the Responsible Owner Bag was born and the rest is history.

Responsible Owners ethos is to help dog owners and walkers take pride in being responsible and clean up after their dogs. We want to make dog walks even more enjoyable by being able to store all the walkies necessities in one compact place. 

The bag comes is in 5 different colours: Blue, Black, Purple, Green & Red. The bag fits dog leads, dog mess bags, a bottle of water, a foldable bowl, keys, toys and a phone. You can also attach things on the bags loops. You can either wear the bag on your shoulder or on your waist. New products are currently being designed and hopefully released as soon as possible.