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We Do Things A Little Differently

At Responsible Owner we believe in doing things a little bit different, instead of cutting corners to add a few pennies on here and there, we believe the products we bring out need to tick three boxes:

Honestly Priced; we’re here to build a community, a base of customers that trust us and when they think of pet products they think of us, we’re here (hopefully) for the long run, so we’re not looking for a quick return which is why you’ll find our products honestly priced.

Quality; in order to fulfil our vision of sticking around, we believe our products need to be great, delivering exactly what is required, we spend MUCH more on creating our products than a lot of our competitors and we spend a LOT more time developing them, we’re so confident that you’ll be impressed with the quality in fact, we offer a full money back guarantee.

Ethical; WE BELIEVE IN GREEN, no new materials are used in our bags or packaging, everything else is either sustainably sourced, organic, or ethically made, we don’t use cheap labour or cut corners.