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Responsible Owner high visibility collars and leads are available in four vibrant colours; red, blue, purple or black.

This stylish collar and lead set offers a whole range of great benefits. Firstly, and most importantly, is the collar and leads excellent ability to keep you and your dog safe and seen. This is possible thanks to the specific design of the collar and lead which reflects any oncoming light, resulting in you and your dog being clearly visible at all times. Essential for any dog walk in the dark, particularly near traffic.  In addition to this the collar and leads are double stitched making them both strong and durable.  A sharp and sophisticated looking stainless steel buckle, elegantly engraved with the Responsible Owner logo completes this wonderfully smart collar and lead set.

They are available in two sizes of 11-17 inches and 14-23 inches.

Here at Responsible Owner your pets safety is of paramount importance to us and we are happy that our latest product helps in providing that continued safety.  Not to mention that these trendsetting collars will leave you with one very fashionable furry friend!


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