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Introducing Responsible Owner

Every dog owner knows how unpleasant the experience of carrying around bags of dog mess can be when walking your furry friend. It’s necessary, of course, but definitely not the most pleasant task in the world. The lack of dedicated bins in the UK can mean that you may have to carry the mess for the duration of a walk, and that’s not all you’ll be carrying. We found that we were constantly carrying a range of different supplies when we were out on our treks. From treats and accessories to different leads, every walk became an exercise in trying to cram as many items as possible into our pockets.

We tried to buy a dedicated dog walking bag online that would seek to alleviate our burden, but to our surprise, we couldn’t find anything that met our needs. So, we created one! From there, we have expanded our range and now offer a number of different products for sale throughout the UK. These are suitable for fellow responsible owners of dogs throughout the country!

Featured Dog Walker Products

Dog Walking Bags

Our bags are the perfect accessory and have been designed to carry all essentials that a responsible owner may wish to take with them when outside walking with their furry friend.

Our dog walking bags hold:

• Mess bags
• A bottle of water
• A foldable bowl
• Collars and Leads
• Toys, treats and various other accessories

For further convenience, when you buy our bags online, you'll notice that they also provide spaces for their favourite treat, your keys and even your phone. You don’t need to take anything else along with you — and your pockets will be free of various items too!

The bags are suitable to be worn either on your shoulder, or in a similar style to bum bags and around your waist. They are available in different colours too, so you should be able to find an option here online to suit your style!

Our collars and leads

We offer a wide range of dog collars and leads, both as individual items and as a set.

Our collars and leashes have been especially designed to reflect oncoming light. This helps to best ensure your pets’ safety and visibility no matter the time of day. The design of the leash and collar is robust too, with a stainless-steel buckle that manages to provide protection and look stylish too.

Our collapsible bowls

Water is an essential component of your dog’s health, which is why we designed our foldable bowls. These bowls are perfect for use on a long walk on a hot summer’s day.

The bowl is fully collapsible so it’s easy to store in our walking bags. The bowl holds 400ml, and has three different settings: half open, fully open, and fully collapsed. This provides a useful flexibility when both using and storing the bowl itself.

Browse our range of the best dog walking accessory bags to buy online, today!

Our dog walking bags and accessories have been designed by conscientious, caring dog owners, and we’re sure you will find something suitable for you and your pooch. When you buy our products online, your dog walking experience will be even more enjoyable than usual, ensuring you and your furry friend have the best possible time! We deliver promptly throughout the UK, and if you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line.

Why choose us?


It's easy, our products are made and designed by pet owners for pet owners. It really is that simple. Pets first profit last.


We've had our bag for a little while now and it's perfect for me and my 3 dogs. It's a definite 10/10 from us 


I am a dog walker and I use my bag every day. Wouldn't be without one now


Used our bag for the first time today on Nugget's walk. It's perfect and much better than having treats, phone etc in jacket pockets. Also the poo bag section is ideal. Happy customer


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