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480 Plant Based Dog Poop Bags

£15.49 GBP

 Delivery 3-5 days

At Responsible Owner we pride ourselves on quality, practicality and being responsible. That's why we launched our premium dog poop bag pack. Made with D2W technology our bags completely break down within 12 months into a food source for bacteria and fungi. No new materials are used in creating our bags or our packaging, from plants to reclaimed materials everything is kinder to the environment, we don't even use chemicals to scent our bags. 

What you get from each pack: 

480 leak proof, super strong, large dog poo bags (38cm - 17cm) with easy tie handles that are stored in a grab and go box. No longer do you need to carry around rolls upon rolls with you. Now just simply grab a few bags for the walk and go. Did we mention the packaging is made using recycled materials?

There has never been a better time to go green. Honestly priced dog poo bags designed and made, by dog owners for dog owners. 

Thank you for taking the time to read/visit our page. Even if you don't shop with us (that's totally fine) please remember to be Responsible.